Future of Compiz

When Unity was announced to be the future window manager, with Ubuntu‘s next version, I was surprised why not Compiz. I have been using Compiz for quite some time and it’s been a wonderful experience overall.

Now, I have been finding that, Compiz will be used with Unity, I will be looking forward to using it.

Compiz, I think is a great addition to distro’s like Ubuntu. Whenever people from the most used OS got a chance to look at my desktop, they could not stop surprising when viewed an Ubuntu desktop with Compiz in action. And all these without any special Graphics card!

Thus I feel, it can be said that Compiz can be added to the list of attractions that might generate more interest to people who do not use Ubuntu (or other distros).

Please share your thoughts also.

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Unity with Compiz

Learned last week that we Unity will now be supporting Compiz. That makes things very interesting and will probably make many more users try Unity.

Presently Unity with Compiz is available for Natty testing but like many other users I am waiting for the Maverick PPA to come out.

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Gnome Shell and Unity

This week I was going through various interesting articles about what we can expect from future Ubuntu distributions.

While I understand Ubuntu is shifting towards Unity from Gnome, I felt interested about new Gnome Shell, which is under development.

From my short experience as an user, I felt Gnome Shell is really interesting. It’s fast and neat. One gets lots of space when working in a Netbook.

Although I found some difficulties in using it, like for example I could not figure out why the volume icon (though which we can increase / decrease volume or manage sound), is not showing. Also by clicking the Online option of username applet in the panel, empathy never opened.

Leaving those issues, which may be related to my own settings, there is lot to look forward to.

About Unity, from my perspective, I felt that there are lot to look forward. At present state, from an user point of view, it may not be that interesting, but there are lot of changes that will probably happen to Unity. For example Unity will be having Compiz.

So it’s early days for an assessment but for sure we can say that by next year Jan/Feb things will be clearer. As a finishing note, from my perspective, at this stage, I really liked Gnome Shell and hope that we can expect more features to be added there.

Update : About Gnome Shell issues, when I compiled it as per instructions here, the volume icon appeared.

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My Experience with Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

I can’t recall where I read it, but I remembered reading it somewhere that “Gnome just works and works and works!”. No crashing, it simply works.

It has solution for almost all the needs of a desktop user that I know, that is why I rely on Gnome for my work system.

With Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 using Gnome is a great experience so far. Before the final version of 10.10 launched, I was trying with KDE 10.10 maverick beta. It was also excellent but unfortunately I encountered screen freezing at least five times in a month or so. That made me little nervous because I can’t allow that in my work system. With Gnome no such issues.

When I installed Maverick on the launch day, I had few issues on my Laptop but with some updates in a few days, those issues were fixed. One of them was my auto network had to be started manually everytime I boot the system but I fixed it later with help from our great community.

Social networking client Gwibber being a very good tool for both Twitter and Facebook, I think there was no need for me to look for other clients. Because then I would have to load one for Twitter and one for Facebook. Gwibber has some issues as sometimes I have found adding Facebook account is a problem but with more time, I feel these issues will be solved.

Avant-Windows-Navigator being such a wonderful docking application that it changes the whole look and feel of the Desktop for good. There are many applets to choose from the list which has weather, radio, system monitor etc. Sometimes you might feel do I need the panel there in the screen?

In Screnlets we have desktop widget support, but in this area I would like to see more choices.

By now, everybody might have come to know about Nautilus-Elementary or Nautilus RGBA. If not you might want to take a look at both and install them for a great desktop experience.

In all till now my Maverick exprience is great.

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No posting for a long time….

Before I start my today’s post, I must explain why I was off for so long.

Personally I felt very bad, that I could not even make one post in more than a month probably. May be it has something to do with my busy schedule and different types of responsibilities, but above all it might be the well known habit of “Ok, I will do it tomorrow”.

That is why we should always write when it comes to mind.

I hope even though I did not post much last month, from now on I should write more.

– Arindom

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Using Linux OS

While choosing a Linux distro, one should choose and install only that version, which is released for Public  and not the one which is under the development.

Although under development version may be the one with latest features, but it may also contain bugs (errors). This will not help you in case you are just a new user (newbie). So while a developer or a tester might like the newest version, we the normal users should only try and use the latest public version.

When you visit the Ubuntu website, there is a link for Download page. There you can choose which version to download depending on what kind of platform you will be using. If you are a desktop user you should download the desktop version.

While in these initial posts I am concentrating more on Ubuntu, later I wish to write more about other Linux distro’s as well.

This is just my small effort to make Linux users feel more comfortable in using Linux.


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Choice of Linux Distribution for starters

This is for those people who are thinking to give Linux a try.

To start with one should first decide which Linux distribution should he/she give a try. This is very important because depending on your first experience you may or may not feel interested in continuing with Linux. As they say “first look is very important”, I also feel that one should spend little time in determining which Linux distribution you should use.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, there are several distros available, so it may become somewhat a task for a new user to decide which one should be tried.

When I started someone suggested me about Ubuntu. I then went to their site, and read some details to know more about it. Then I visited some forums about Ubuntu and found that it has a good userbase and more importantly you stand a very high chance of getting help form the community in case you need some help.

Ubuntu is easy to install – can be installed in parallel with Win. You can go to their site and download a copy of the latest available version. At the time of writing this post 10.04 Lucid Lynx is the latest Ubuntu version which has been released for use. The next version will be released in October 2010 and will be named as “Maverick Meerkat” version 10.10.

You might be wondering why after 10.04 we will have 1o.10. The Ubuntu version number is formatted as “YYMM”. So YY is 10 from 2010 and MM is 10 from month of October.

Next I will discuss about Ubuntu installation.

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