Using Linux OS

While choosing a Linux distro, one should choose and install only that version, which is released for Public  and not the one which is under the development.

Although under development version may be the one with latest features, but it may also contain bugs (errors). This will not help you in case you are just a new user (newbie). So while a developer or a tester might like the newest version, we the normal users should only try and use the latest public version.

When you visit the Ubuntu website, there is a link for Download page. There you can choose which version to download depending on what kind of platform you will be using. If you are a desktop user you should download the desktop version.

While in these initial posts I am concentrating more on Ubuntu, later I wish to write more about other Linux distro’s as well.

This is just my small effort to make Linux users feel more comfortable in using Linux.



About Arindom

Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.
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