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Unity and Gnome Shell – the evolvment

Going by some views that I have came across, there are different views about Unity and Gnome Shell. It seems while some people like Unity, there are also a good number of people (including self), who like Gnome Shell. So … Continue reading

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Slow Progress?

While I start again with adding more content here, I really got surprised to know that I have not written anything in an year? Time really runs out fast! The other day I was booting into 11.10 and noted that … Continue reading

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Unity with Compiz

Learned last week that we Unity will now be supporting Compiz. That makes things very interesting and will probably make many more users try Unity. Presently Unity with Compiz is available for Natty testing but like many other users I … Continue reading

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Gnome Shell and Unity

This week I was going through various interesting articles about what we can expect from future Ubuntu distributions. While I understand Ubuntu is shifting towards Unity from Gnome, I felt interested about new Gnome Shell, which is under development. From … Continue reading

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