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Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.

How to concentrate on your work in the age of Social Network

These days we have lots of Social Networking sites, many of which has their own clients. Also importantly we are connected to many of them. When working on a project /Office work it becomes a challenge to concentrate on one’s … Continue reading

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The desktop with little more information

When I first started using Linux, specially Ubuntu, I came to know about “Conky” and the great things that it can do. Starting from the CPU usage, RAM usage, Load average, Network details to Process Information, Weather info etc. all … Continue reading

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Unity and Gnome Shell – the evolvment

Going by some views that I have came across, there are different views about Unity and Gnome Shell. It seems while some people like Unity, there are also a good number of people (including self), who like Gnome Shell. So … Continue reading

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Multi dimension blog

From now on I will also be writing on other issues. Hope you will like it.

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Slow Progress?

While I start again with adding more content here, I really got surprised to know that I have not written anything in an year? Time really runs out fast! The other day I was booting into 11.10 and noted that … Continue reading

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Gnome and KDE in same system

While there are users who love Gnome and only use Gnome and there are users who love KDE and use KDE solely, there also are users who love to use both but have a single system. So I thought it … Continue reading

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A wish – Gnome shell Widgets

Gnome Shell is now improving on a daily basis. I have been using it often and finding it getting better and better. Though other than the UI related changes, for users like me, there is nothing much to try now … Continue reading

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