Starting over to using Linux

Continuing from my last blog post, I will try to explain today why one can try switching over to Ubuntu or some other Linux distributions for the daily usage.

There are several reasons that compel us thinking about an alternative operating sytesm which works.

  1. Many of the available Linux based Operating systems are FREE for use. This is really helpful for many people. This will reduce your final cost for starting to use a PC/Laptop. At the other hand there are also paid software used by many. When one has a limited budget and the person needs a Computer solution, any Linux distribution (distro) can be a viable option. Being an OpenSource (one can view the source) program it attract the top developers also.
  2. There are good alternatives with regard to the software that we use. For example there are Spreadsheet alternative, Word Processor alternative, Presentation alternative etc. There are also good photo processing, video processing tools available.
  3. Multimedia, Social Networking, Voice Chat, Video Chat, Screen Sharing, Blogging tools, News  – everything has come to Linux. I have noted that many of the popular software have their Linux version already available. We have browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera available for Linux. We have Skype for Linux. We have Adobe Acrobat for Linux. We have VLC media player for Linux and similar many other tools are already available.
  4. Linux gives you the power to imagine and Linux gives you the power to customize. You can change the look of your desktop (I am not talking about the Wallpaper) very easily on a daily basis.
  5. One has a central source of software, form where you can install any software as per your choice.
  6. Generally distributions like Ubuntu gets updated very frequently which gives the user more power, more features to use.
  7. A very helpful community is available to help one out in case you find yourself looking for help.
  8. Getting involved – you can book a bug yourself (if you find any), you can share your thoughts with the community if you feel that will be helpful for a large userbase.
  9. I forgot when last I saw a “crash” screen (means Operating system crashed). I tried to recall but failed. May be two years or may be more than that? Hmmm…. let’s think.
  10. Finally, I will not say that this is flawless. There are issues but the good news is that there are people ready to remove those issues that is why updates take place when needed.

You might be interested to know what my personal choice is with regard to the Linux Distro. My personal choice is Ubuntu though because probably I find it easy to use and I am using it for quite a few years now. But when I say that, I would also like to add that there are many Linux related distributions like OpenSuse, Fedora, Slackware, Red Hat Linux, ArchLinux, Linux Mint and many many more available.

To safely start using Linux I would share my experience here. I installed Linux in the same PC where I was already using a MS-Windows based operating system. Linux can be installed in a way that you can dual-boot it easily. It works like – when you boot the system you are presented with a menu where you can decide whether you want to boot into Linux or Windows.

In this way you have no risk in using it because in case you get stuck somewhere you can always go back to using your other Operating system of your choice. Giving a parallel run helps in understanding the system better.

I have tried here to explain why one can think about trying to use an alternative Linux distribution. Your comments and views are welcome. Please feel free to correct me where I may have gone wrong.

– Arindom


About Arindom

Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.
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