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Future of Compiz

When Unity was announced to be the future window manager, with Ubuntu‘s next version, I was surprised why not Compiz. I have been using Compiz for quite some time and it’s been a wonderful experience overall. Now, I have been … Continue reading

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Unity with Compiz

Learned last week that we Unity will now be supporting Compiz. That makes things very interesting and will probably make many more users try Unity. Presently Unity with Compiz is available for Natty testing but like many other users I … Continue reading

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Gnome Shell and Unity

This week I was going through various interesting articles about what we can expect from future Ubuntu distributions. While I understand Ubuntu is shifting towards Unity from Gnome, I felt interested about new Gnome Shell, which is under development. From … Continue reading

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My Experience with Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

I can’t recall where I read it, but I remembered reading it somewhere that “Gnome just works and works and works!”. No crashing, it simply works. It has solution for almost all the needs of a desktop user that I … Continue reading

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No posting for a long time….

Before I start my today’s post, I must explain why I was off for so long. Personally I felt very bad, that I could not even make one post in more than a month probably. May be it has something … Continue reading

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