We now have choice for selecting the Operating System

Was off for few days and then I remembered that this time I aimed to continue blogging. So here I am today back again with a new post.

As per my knowledge most of the Desktop PC users these days are still using Windows based OS (operating systems). There is a good population of Mac OS users and then there are Linux users as well. It seems this statistics from Marketshare supports it.

There may be some difference of opinion with the above statistics or may be the actual data differs from what it is there, but I guess we can safely say that the Windows market share is very high. But for those who might be interested to know about other operating systems, you may continue to read on for knowing about an alternative which can be tried and used as easily as you might want it to be used.

Since the days of Windows XP, I was following different Linux based OS’s and felt like that day is not far when normal desktop users can try Linux on a daily basis.

There are many Linux based Operating systems available here today. For example : Ubuntu, Suse, Mandriva, Arch Linux, Debian, Slackware and many many more. More importantly we are hearing that Google might probably launch an OS in near future.

Not going into the details of different Linux distributions (Linux distros), I can share here my experience with Ubuntu till date.

I will try and go into details of Ubuntu in future but for now I can say it is fulfilling my daily needs handsomely. Right from quick start time to office documents view, editing to preparing presentations to Mail operations of different accounts including MS-Exchange based mails to Professional level Graphics work to DVD preparation for Home theater, to listen to the streaming media and above all being connected with my numerous IM’s and also to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and writing to my blog, all is possible here.

Wow!! did I really finished or may be I have not mentioned many more.

So at end I can say that those who are willing to give Ubuntu a try should try it because it supports almost all the needs that you might want it to support. And moreover when you need help, you have a very good online help system available also.

The best thing to write about Ubuntu is that it is growing and getting better and better with every new release which happens twice a year (six months gap only).



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Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.
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