My Experience with Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

I can’t recall where I read it, but I remembered reading it somewhere that “Gnome just works and works and works!”. No crashing, it simply works.

It has solution for almost all the needs of a desktop user that I know, that is why I rely on Gnome for my work system.

With Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 using Gnome is a great experience so far. Before the final version of 10.10 launched, I was trying with KDE 10.10 maverick beta. It was also excellent but unfortunately I encountered screen freezing at least five times in a month or so. That made me little nervous because I can’t allow that in my work system. With Gnome no such issues.

When I installed Maverick on the launch day, I had few issues on my Laptop but with some updates in a few days, those issues were fixed. One of them was my auto network had to be started manually everytime I boot the system but I fixed it later with help from our great community.

Social networking client Gwibber being a very good tool for both Twitter and Facebook, I think there was no need for me to look for other clients. Because then I would have to load one for Twitter and one for Facebook. Gwibber has some issues as sometimes I have found adding Facebook account is a problem but with more time, I feel these issues will be solved.

Avant-Windows-Navigator being such a wonderful docking application that it changes the whole look and feel of the Desktop for good. There are many applets to choose from the list which has weather, radio, system monitor etc. Sometimes you might feel do I need the panel there in the screen?

In Screnlets we have desktop widget support, but in this area I would like to see more choices.

By now, everybody might have come to know about Nautilus-Elementary or Nautilus RGBA. If not you might want to take a look at both and install them for a great desktop experience.

In all till now my Maverick exprience is great.


About Arindom

Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.
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4 Responses to My Experience with Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

  1. thameera says:

    My experience with 10.10 has also been nice. I hate gwibber though, so installed Hotot. I was using AWN in 10.04, so I tried Docky now for a change and it’s working great so far.

    • Arindom says:

      Yes, Gwibber was not so nice with me also. But I like the concept because we are getting both Facebook and Twitter in one client. In fact it supports more than these. Hearing a lot about Hotot. Will give it a try soon. Will search for the PPA.

  2. linuxstuffandco says:

    If you want something that “just works” you could try xubuntu.
    I don’t like gnome because I think it’s slow, nautilus for example is really laggy for old computers.
    But of course the best is to find the distribution that fits to you 🙂

    • Arindom says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      Long back once I tried Xubuntu and as per I remember it is really lightweight. Will give it a try when I get a chance to play with different distros.

      As you have mentioned correctly, ultimately it depends on what fits one.

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