How to concentrate on your work in the age of Social Network

These days we have lots of Social Networking sites, many of which has their own clients. Also importantly we are connected to many of them. When working on a project /Office work it becomes a challenge to concentrate on one’s task in hand.

So what’s the solution? Here are few from my experience :

1) Turn off the notifications.

2) Close the clients.

3) When the task is done take time off and stay updated.


Happy Browsing!

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The desktop with little more information

When I first started using Linux, specially Ubuntu, I came to know about “Conky” and the great things that it can do. Starting from the CPU usage, RAM usage, Load average, Network details to Process Information, Weather info etc. all can be displayed on the desktop itself.

All these can be done without much load on the system. So it’s undoubtedly a very useful tool.

When I went back to Windows (just in case I don’t forget using it) there is Rainmeter which gives almost a similar type of information on the desktop itself. It’s beautiful too. There are some already created setups which can be used right away without the need of spending much time on them.

Finally, when I started using Mac, I was wondering whether there are any such tools or not. Although when first we met (me and “GeekTool”), I could not understand the usage of it. Until again I bumped on it though a site where I saw the usage of ‘GeekTool’, I almost thought that there may not be any such tool on Mac. There are some sites where many script are there, using which a Mac user gets similar information like Conky. The best part is one can even see a Global map with Weather. You can control the refresh rate in such a way, so that not much load is given on the system.

Some users may wonder that because there are widgets available on all kind of systems (Windows, Linux and Mac) what are the specialities of these tools. My understanding is that other than being very light, these tools give users more control on what they want to display and how they want to display.

So please enjoy using them.

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Unity and Gnome Shell – the evolvment

Going by some views that I have came across, there are different views about Unity and Gnome Shell.

It seems while some people like Unity, there are also a good number of people (including self), who like Gnome Shell. So for new users who might wonder the reason behind the existence of different UI’s (user interfaces), I thought to present my views.

From my limited experience of using different operating systems, I have hardly seen any OS which offers such different UI’s which work just fine. Here in Ubuntu (that’s the distro I use), we have choices and as an end user I don’t think anyone can have issues when given choices.

Overall I see this as an opportunity for users to get to know the good things of different worlds and also choose the one that suits their requirement. It’s a great thing.

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Multi dimension blog

From now on I will also be writing on other issues.

Hope you will like it.

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Slow Progress?

While I start again with adding more content here, I really got surprised to know that I have not written anything in an year?

Time really runs out fast!

The other day I was booting into 11.10 and noted that the total booting time starting from Grub prompt till the login prompt is quite high. When compared the time taken now to the previous version about a year back, I think it’s quite high now.

The total time taken for an OS to reach the login prompt depends on many factor. Keeping that in mind, I feel that when a new version is introduced, it is equally important to keep the best features of an existing version in place.

I am not sure whether everyone will agree with me on this issue or not but I feel the present boot up time needs to be improved in the next version.

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Gnome and KDE in same system

While there are users who love Gnome and only use Gnome and there are users who love KDE and use KDE solely, there also are users who love to use both but have a single system.

So I thought it would be interesting to watch how it works if we install both Gnome and KDE at the same time. That is why I thought to share my experience here.

From my recent experience with 10.10 Maverick and KDE 4.6 from backport, apparently it seemed that there is no big issues when I tried both of them together. But when I tried to install some plasmoids from KDE package manager, I got error message. Although I am not aware whether or not we have a fix for such issues, but for a starter these things might be a problem.

Overall, although trying both will probably not give any big issues, but I will prefer using either of them in one system.

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A wish – Gnome shell Widgets

Gnome Shell is now improving on a daily basis. I have been using it often and finding it getting better and better.

Though other than the UI related changes, for users like me, there is nothing much to try now at this stage, but with the introduction of the left hand side dock like icon panel it seems we can expect more in the coming days.

One such expectation from my end is to see something like widgets which will be available by right-clicking on the desktop. Something like the KDE desktop widgets will be just great to have in the new gnome shell.

Widgets like the system-info, weather, news / news-ticker (scrolling), twitter, facebook, IM contact lists etc. will be a great addition.

Now we have to wait and see when such widgets are added to the new Gnome Shell.

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