Gnome Shell and Unity

This week I was going through various interesting articles about what we can expect from future Ubuntu distributions.

While I understand Ubuntu is shifting towards Unity from Gnome, I felt interested about new Gnome Shell, which is under development.

From my short experience as an user, I felt Gnome Shell is really interesting. It’s fast and neat. One gets lots of space when working in a Netbook.

Although I found some difficulties in using it, like for example I could not figure out why the volume icon (though which we can increase / decrease volume or manage sound), is not showing. Also by clicking the Online option of username applet in the panel, empathy never opened.

Leaving those issues, which may be related to my own settings, there is lot to look forward to.

About Unity, from my perspective, I felt that there are lot to look forward. At present state, from an user point of view, it may not be that interesting, but there are lot of changes that will probably happen to Unity. For example Unity will be having Compiz.

So it’s early days for an assessment but for sure we can say that by next year Jan/Feb things will be clearer. As a finishing note, from my perspective, at this stage, I really liked Gnome Shell and hope that we can expect more features to be added there.

Update : About Gnome Shell issues, when I compiled it as per instructions here, the volume icon appeared.


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Loves Football (Soccer) and other Sports. Love Music - specially Indian Classical Music and the golden oldies from Bollywood. Also loves my Ubuntu system. Loves this World very much.
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2 Responses to Gnome Shell and Unity

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  2. Arindom says:

    I also liked the present Gnome Shell. The concept of minimized windows are very helpful. But it is missing many other features like right-click on desktop not working, pressing Online from user icon – not working for me etc. Hope this will get solved soon.

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